5 good reasons to invest in Lääne county: 

  1. Good connections and modern network of roads - good access (100 km, 1h 10 min drive) to the international airport and the capital. 
  2. Well functioning cargo and passenger ports - Virtsu, Rohuküla and Dirhami ports are connecting islands Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Vormsi and Osmussaar with the mainland. Dirhami port is icefree during most of the winter, other ports operate all year round. 
  3. Skilled labour at competitive cost, good cooperation with vocational training centre. 
  4. Availibility of industrial land with developed infrastructure, including two industrial parks near Haapsalu. 
  5. Fast decision making and low bureaucracy. 
Labour force: 14,500 (01.01.2012), unemployment rate 4,7% (31.10.2012). 
36% of all companies are registred in Haapsalu, 14% in Ridala and 10% in Lihula municipality. 

Most important industries: wood, food, light industry, recreation and health treatment industry having biggest employment numbers and export capacity. 


Mr Andres Huul,  
Manager, Development Center of Lääne County 
+372 5557 2557

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